Nov. 19th, 2010 12:36 am
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Disclaimer: if you've seen the movie and disliked it, or if you've heard just bad things about it and you feel like hating it already, I'd like to ask you to keep yourself out of this entry.
It would be the best for you, anyways; since most likely I'll be talking about things you won't want to hear. And I don't want for people to kill my excitement, either.

For the rest of you who do feel like reading (especially Harry Potter fans) follow the cut xD
Warning, there are spoilers!

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OMG, me writing here? That's a surprise 8D
After the long wait and a lot of delays, HP6 is finally here. Everybody seems to be reviewing it, and since I'm a so big Potter-nerd, why not joining the party?!

So, I was able to go to watch it today. Dubbed in spanish, sadly...I'm such a purist with those things; I would have preferred to watch a subbed version. But, oh well; the dub was fine.

Since this was just a regular showing, I didn't have the chance to see people in costumes. There were, however, some cute little boys carrying magic wands and Harry-like glasses. I was also surprised to hear during the whole movie really young kids commenting about what would happen later; they had all read the book! And they remembered details even myself had forgotten xD

The worst part of the showing? The beginning. I had to stand that terrible New Moon trailer x_x

Ok xD now the review.
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