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Disclaimer: if you've seen the movie and disliked it, or if you've heard just bad things about it and you feel like hating it already, I'd like to ask you to keep yourself out of this entry.
It would be the best for you, anyways; since most likely I'll be talking about things you won't want to hear. And I don't want for people to kill my excitement, either.

For the rest of you who do feel like reading (especially Harry Potter fans) follow the cut xD
Warning, there are spoilers!

So today, November 18th, was the opening day to Deathly Hallows part 1 in my country. As expected, I went to see it. (I got my tickets weeks ago, after all)

Where can I start? The whole experience was exciting xD We arrived to the cinema around an hour and a half before the screening started. Guess what? There was already an enormous line in there xD So yeah, we had to spend the whole time in line since, as time went on, it only became bigger 8D

Back home, mom had seen me looking through some parts of my HP costume looking for a badge.
"You're not wearing that robe, are you? D8 You'll be seen as a weirdo!"
Guess what, there were several teenagers around dressed fully in Hogwarts robes. So I gave a really funny look to mom |D

The tickets for that particular screening were long sold out, I must say. There was also a boy walking around with a piece of paper saying "Looking for a ticket for the 19:10 screening". My mom was like "aww, poor dear...but, he can see it another day, can he? I mean, the movie's going to be the same! D:" And I was like "LOL WHUT mom, you don't understand us xD;;"

Anyways, half an hour before the movie started, we were allowed to get in. So my sister and I had to run to catch some good seats since, everybody was running xD

Things were also really funny inside. The background music they had, it was the Harry Potter OST! People clapped when the ads started playing. And when they were over...those jerks at the cinema laughed at us! :'D
It was like this: they faded down the lights, meaning the movie was about to start. So everybody was like "WAAAAH ;O;" and then...they turned it on again |D Once again, fading. "WAAAAH ;O;" AND THOSE JERKS DID THE SAME THING AGAIN XDDDD

I love this kind of screening. I love seeing the crowd's reactions xD

Anyways, let's go to the movie. Spoilers starting!

Let's begin by saying that it's been a while since I read DH, so I've forgotten several details, and I can't really tell how faithful the movie was to the book. It was quite faithful, from what I can remember. Not PERFECT, but the details left out weren't really relevant things, so o.oU...

The special effects were impressive. They also managed to give a good balance setween the serious and the lighthearted stuff. The beginning of the movie was creepy as hell, and I loved it xD The "breaking into the Ministry of Magic" was amazing as well, both hilarious and kickass!
One thing I loved as well was the movie's telling of the "Tale of the Three Brothers". Seriously, some AWESOME animation in there. Maybe it was just me, but I also noticed some improvements to Dobby's rendering. So yeah; wonderful effects.

Things that were left out? As I said, I can't recall the book very well . Let's see. In the movie, their first hiding place was The Burrow, not Tonks' parents house. Harry wasn't under the effects of the Polyjuice potion during Bill's wedding, Harry doesn't take Mad-Eye Moody's eye with him, their glimpse to Luna's bedroom was left out, some things were left out in Godric's Hollow as well (I really wanted to see the statue ): )...that's it, basically. However, the movie kept some really nice details, like the 'Ron & Hermione almost holding hands' when sleeping in Grimmauld Place ^^

One thing I'm aware some people may not like is the portrayal of Harry & Hermione's relationship during the first half of the movie. Myself, I really liked it for obvious reasons. To the movie's defense, though, I must say they did a really good job on portraying Ron's jealousy, and to me, Hermione looked fairly distressed and depressed with Ron's absence, as well. Anyways, they showed R/H quite blatantly during the most part of the movie so, all's well in the end? I can't imagine someone thinking on Ron & Hermione as anything but a couple after seeing that movie.

I ALWAYS thought the movie had to be cut after Malfoy's manor chapter. Guess what? THEY HEARD MY PRAYERS XD Basically, the movie cuts with their arrival to Bill's house, Dobby's death and Voldemort getting the Elder wand.

Overall, I LOVED the movie. I just hope no one will point me as a bad and stupid fan for liking it ):

I CAN'T WAIT TILL JULY 2011 *sobs*


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