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Some random Anime reviews. Don't worry, I'll keep this spoiler-less :)

- Yesterday, I watched the 1st Eden of the East Movie (a.k.a King of the Eden). Being such a complex plot, I should have known it was a bad idea to watch it without giving a rewatch to the original Eden series xDU I kept forgetting important things, such as the ones related to the Seleçaos. I enjoyed it, nevertheless! I LOVED the animation, especially the New York scenes. Now, you may know this will continue in Paradise Lost....but I still expected some closure for this one. It didn't happen xD It feels like they made one big movie, that happened to be split in two in a random point. Nice movie, though!

- I'm so behind with Nodame Finale, it's shameful. Yesterday I watched episode 6. OMG NODAME/CHIAKI SO CUTE ♥ It was funny, both my sister and I squealed at the same time while watching it xD

- And the Tethe'alla Hen OVA! I'm currently downloading the subs, but I already watched the RAW. Loved the animation as well, and I think it wouldn't have been confusing at all...if it weren't because I was comparing it to the game. I had a hard time trying to make the OVA events fit with the game events xD I hope the subs will help me with that. I still can't tell how much they're going to rush the game, but I suspect they're already skipping the first trip to Derris Kharlan. Oh well. I'm still praying for a third set of OVAs ):
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Esto ameritaba un post :)

Qué puedo decir! Había oído que empezaría en Marzo, pero al igual que casi todos los que no conocíamos la serie...la verdad es que no dábamos un peso por ella xD

Pero pasaron los días. Y los comentarios empezaron a salir. Y todos comentarios buenos ^^ El interés se me empezó a despertar...

Por ahora, nos queda el manga. Pero hasta en eso fue perfecto el final del anime: nos dejó la esperanza de una segunda temporada ^^
Hasta entonces...

Otanoshimini!!!!! ^^


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