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FMA 108 (Final) - Thoughts

So, it's over. Finally over, it's still hard to believe it. I don't understand Japanese, so in a next occasion I'll be posting more coherent thoughts. For now, you'll have to bear with my squee xD

WARNING: Post FULL of spoilers and pictures of chapter 108.

D'awww, Ran Fan being awesome. And Ling back to normal! Ling was also awesome in this chapter.

Insert a big 'D'AWWWWWW' here ='D

THE PROVE THAT AL/MEI'S AWESOME. I ship those two so hard now, and I seriously wanted to hug Mei during the whole chapter T.T

More 'D'AWWWW' moments. Especially considering what's coming later T.T

I'm not sure what to think of this scene. It seems to me that Marcoh wanted to use the Stone to give Roy his sight back? Some people was complaining that apparently, Roy didn't get his sight back. I guess I'll wait for the translation...

For me, this is the most beautiful scene of the whole chapter. Not going to show the whole page, but this gives already an idea of what's happening here...


This was a little bit amusing. Sorry Ed, not anymore ='D

I HATED THIS BOY. WHY DOES HE LOOK SO ADORABLE NOW ;O; *and I'm happy for Mrs. Bradley, as well!*

Mei was right. Al became such a HANDSOME man =D


And? The next pic was the exact moment where I started crying. Of happiness, of course. Judge by yourselves.


In short, this chapter was BEAUTIFUL for me. It had everything I was hoping for, and while some characters could have been given a little more of showing on this chapter, I strongly believe Arakawa won't disappoint her fans.

Speaking of disappointment. I've been reading Royai fans are really disappointed with the ending, they were expecting more development. Since I don't have a translation yet, I'd prefer to wait until saying something xD But it didn't bothered me particularly, maybe because I was hoping for an EdWin resolution so I kinda forgot about Royai xD; Also, I believe Arakawa can still pull out something extra.
There's some disappointment around as well to the fact that Roy didn't become Führer, but General Grumman. I'd say I was expecting it. Roy has proven to be still young and impulsive at times. At least, I was hoping for Olivier to be Führer xD Not that I was expecting her to accept, though; I'm sure she would never leave good old Briggs. So Grumman seem to me like a fair choice, especially because he wasn't directly involved in the whole big mess xD It's, I don't know...a reasonable choice to me?

So, overall thoughts? It's not a secret that I'm also fond of the first anime. Both that anime and the manga have qualities that make them unique. I feel the ending of the first anime was maybe a little more 'epic' and angsty, in a way. But it leaves too many open threads and questions, it's way less happy, and certainly, it doesn't give this feeling of closure the manga ending leaves. The manga really gives this idea of 'closed circle'. So I'll still keep loving both of them on their own xD

The end of this manga's the end of a cycle in more than a way for me. It's been such a long and pleasant ride, I'm not sure if I'm ready xD Not that this means it's the end of my alchemistic journey. With me, once a fan, always a fan. How can it be otherwise, with such an awesome manga?! ♥ And there's still the end of Brotherhood to wait for, so this isn't even near to end for me.

But in the meanwhile...