Apr. 3rd, 2010

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Some random Anime reviews. Don't worry, I'll keep this spoiler-less :)

- Yesterday, I watched the 1st Eden of the East Movie (a.k.a King of the Eden). Being such a complex plot, I should have known it was a bad idea to watch it without giving a rewatch to the original Eden series xDU I kept forgetting important things, such as the ones related to the Seleçaos. I enjoyed it, nevertheless! I LOVED the animation, especially the New York scenes. Now, you may know this will continue in Paradise Lost....but I still expected some closure for this one. It didn't happen xD It feels like they made one big movie, that happened to be split in two in a random point. Nice movie, though!

- I'm so behind with Nodame Finale, it's shameful. Yesterday I watched episode 6. OMG NODAME/CHIAKI SO CUTE ♥ It was funny, both my sister and I squealed at the same time while watching it xD

- And the Tethe'alla Hen OVA! I'm currently downloading the subs, but I already watched the RAW. Loved the animation as well, and I think it wouldn't have been confusing at all...if it weren't because I was comparing it to the game. I had a hard time trying to make the OVA events fit with the game events xD I hope the subs will help me with that. I still can't tell how much they're going to rush the game, but I suspect they're already skipping the first trip to Derris Kharlan. Oh well. I'm still praying for a third set of OVAs ):


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