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~ Welcome! ~

My name is Angie, but I'll answer to Kasumi as well! I live in Chile, South America. I'm a student of Computer Sciences Engineering...a mix of tons of programming, difficult mathematical courses and some weird classes. My student life is far from being exciting, so I rarely talk about it =P (Instead, I end up talking about fandom stuff; way more entertaining for me xD)

Even though I have quite some character, the most of times I'm rather shy and terribly insecure. It's hard for me to come up with something to talk about and actually, I can come across as quite boring. Despite of this, I try to be a good commenter in LJ, at least.

As you can guess, English isn't my primary language so I'm likely to mess up a lot xDU This isn't that much of a problem when writing journals, I guess (gotta love WordReference ♥); but it IS a problem for writing fics. I'm trying, though...

My main hobbies include drawing and writing (although I'm VERY bad at it), figure collecting, and web design. I don't include Doujinshi collecting because they're out of my reach...my collection resides inside my HD xD
Although my career can often be quite boring, I'm in fact a computer nerd and a sort of geek. Still, I refuse to use Linux.

Hetalia is the fandom that's currently eating my life, I'm in essence a sucker for all anime and manga. I watch way more anime than I mention xD (see my MAL list as reference). So, I'm in fact a big fan of a lot of series, it's just that I rarely talk about them. Particularly remarkable is my hopeless liking for shoujo manga series.

I enjoy reading from time to time, but my literature fangirling is pretty much limited just to the Harry Potter series. I'm really fond of Classical Disney movies and the whole Pixar filmography (in fact, I'd love working in Pixar ♥). I don't consider myself a gamer, but I do love most of Nintendo's games. I have also a soft spot for RPG games, and in that matter, Pokémon and the Tales Of saga have my devotion.

Anything else? Feel free to ask! My Contact Info is here, as well.

IMPORTANT: This journal doesn't have an open friending policy. Meaning, I won't add you just because you've added me first. Unless you've asked me before. Capice?
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